Katie Cardew, Textile Partner at Paul Bristow

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Working With British Designers

At Paul Bristow Associates, we get the opportunity to work with a lot of interesting creative figures on their next projects. Our most recent joy has been working alongside Katie Cardew! She is an illustrator and designer whose products are bold, beautiful, and of course all designed from the very first step by Katie herself. Her art style is digital drawings and sketches that are then colored with bright and vibrant flavors.  

Bringing textile products to life from your designs

Of course, making sure that the products we print are just as vibrant as the samples we’re sent to work off from is one of the main challenges and reasons for the sampling stage. We wouldn’t be happy with the product if our customers weren’t happy with the quality of the work we’ve provided. As such, we work closely with all our customers who gives up their requirements to meet. 

In the case of Katie, we were given a rare and exciting opportunity!  We gave Katie Cardew the offer to come to our production center inhouse in Wrexham, to allow her to personally oversee and be part of the overall process of color matching her range of new and exciting textile products with us! She agreed and not a day later she was collaborating with one of the directors of the company on making sure that our products were as perfect a match to her artwork that could be had! By the end of the day the work was so vibrant you could almost hear the colors breathing off the fabric.

Your textile partner, here in the UK

At Paul Bristow, we’re your textile partners! And as such we’re committed to achieving the best results for your prints and offer high quality premium colour matching. You’re in good hands with us, as we’ve worked for several years with art galleries and museums, and when you’re looking to print the artwork of a famous artist onto your bags, you don’t want the colors to muddy or be off from the painting. We want to offer that gallery quality replication to all our textile partners.

And when we say partners we mean it, we believe that this quality can only be achieved when your committed to the opportunities for the designers and artist to work closely together with their manufacturer to achieve the results that they both want! 

Katies products made with love, care, and passion in the UK by Paul Bristow

Our work for Katie Cardew was designed to be ready for her presence at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, Which will be running from 24th to the 28th of May. So, if you were looking for a day out and wanted to catch some of Katie Cardew’s latest textiles, why not go for a visit?

And if you feel that you wanted a supplier who could really connect with your band, and help you make the designs you’ve created truly come to life on the fabric, then why not consider making us your newest textile partner?

Paul Bristow
Paul Bristow