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Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) is a new form of digital printing that we have invested in. Like digital length printing, we use a computer rip to process artwork and print it directly to the fabric. This is the newest method of printing available and has allowed us to offer high definition prints on any colour t-shirt or pre made tote bag.


DTG printing has many advantages such as printing on coloured fabrics with an unlimited number of colours and being able to achieve a high definition image. The inks are GOT’s certified for use with certified organic cotton and the process produces very little waste.  DTG printing also has disadvantages including higher ink costs than the other methods available. But this is offset by the minimum order quantity (MOQ) with DTG printing being as low as 10 products or with POD, singles. This is possible as once an image is set up, we have it available at the click of a button.


When you contact us with an image, our fully trained account managers will use their industry knowledge and experience to advise you which print method to use. As our customer you can benefit from this precise priting method that delivers high quality results, and is capable of handling all kinds of designs and colours.

The team

Meet the team.


Dye-Sublimation & DTG Supervisor

Steve has worked with the DTG machinery we bought from the start and as a result has built up a knowledge of the process that is faultless. Printing with DTG printers is far more than loading a shirt straight and pressing the big green button. Getting a good result with DTG is about balancing the garment, with the pre-treat and the ink levels, but that's easy to say! Having the skill to look at a print and diagnose the best way to improve it quickly is where Steve is ahead of the rest.

Steve working with one of our Bother GTX DTG printers

Sewing, Packing & DTG Operative

Every business and organisation needs people who bring the energy and fun to work. Gemma is defiantly one of those important people here. She always seems to find something to laugh about and her bright, confidant manor is a lift to all. But she's not all about fun, she has a great work ethic and is being trained in all departments in the business showing a real aptitude and determination that we admire greatly.

Gemma, standing in our packing department

Print & Product Developer

Printing DTG apparel on the face of it is very simple, but as with everything in life, its not! Liam has shown an excellent attitude to learning the details of setting up artwork for DTG recently and worked on several key projects for key clients. His work on Brian May's range of apprel that we DTG printed was is a brilliant example of this. As we receive more and more DTG work for both POD and bulk production Liam will continue to be a driving force for the quality required!

Liam in one of our digital print rooms


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