Screen Printing Services in the UK for Textiles & Clothing

Screen Printing is a traditional method of printing where a product is printed step by step, adding separate layers of ink that will make up the final image at the end of the process. As a UK leading screen printing company, we draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that our screen printing services are nothing short of first-class.

When creating screen printed textiles, the first step is to create the stencil or stencils. These allow us to control which areas the colour is added to with precision and finesse. With screen printing, you are not limited to a single colour or design, as you can overlay a new stencil over the existing colour or pattern multiple times, to create stunning patterns and artwork.

Our screen printing services have many advantages such as speed of output, the vibrancy of colour, the ability to print onto coloured fabrics and the ability to use speciality inks. And while it is true that there can be a lengthy setup time, and a certain limitation to the amount of detail that can be obtained, if you’ve got a design that you wish to create a large print run with, then our screen printing services are exactly what you need. But if you’re not sure whether screen printing is the right choice for your textile products, don’t worry, our account managers will be able to point you in the direction of our service offering which suits your project best.

We are one of the longest established screen printing companies, we have been providing our professional screen printing services for over thirty-five years and are experts with environmentally friendly, water-based inks. Our production lines are equipped with state of the art MHM carousels and low emission, high performing drying equipment. We also have specialist hand printing lines for high-quality unique work and sampling along with multiple small print area production lines. In total, we can output over ten thousand prints per day (that’s a lot of screen printed textiles!), and supply a quick lead time for all orders whilst maintaining the highest quality print work expected by our customers.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our screen printed textiles is dependent on the number of colours required for the image. A single colour image has an MOQ of 50 prints, this will increase when the number of colours increases.

When you contact us with an image, our fully trained account managers will use their industry knowledge and experience to advise you which print method to use. As our customers you will benefit from our knowledge, experience, and state of the art screen printing services, resulting in a finished product that meets your every requirement.

Make sure to choose the right screen printing company. Make sure you choose Paul Bristow! And you’ll be selling custom or branded products in no time!

The team

Meet the team.

  • Tsvetan
    Senior Screen Printer

    Tsvetan is a very valued member of the team here and also a highly skilled screen printer. He has a practical understanding of the printing process and the machinery, so is often a go to when something breaks in any department. Not only does he bring a vast amount of knowledge to the team, but also a unique sense of humour, that sometimes misses the mark! None the less a wonderful guy and talented member of the screen printing department.

  • Tsvetan is our sample screen printer
  • Svetoslav
    Production coordinator

    Slavi as he is known, currently works closely with Seb coordinating all the different aspects of production throughout the business. He worked in the screen printing department for several years and always showed a work ethic that earned everyones respect. This made him an obvious choice to step up into a more senior role, working as a production coordinator across the whole business. He takes the responsibility of the role extremely seriously and leads by example with tireless effort. A real asset for us and a genuinely charming bloke.

  • Slavi in screen print workshop
  • Angelika
    Screen Printer

    Angelika has worked in multiple departments here, but she started working with us in the screen print department. Her natural ability and tendencies towards accurate neat work and a calm approach make her a natural for screen printing. She is a wonderful loader of t-shirts, but it's her setting up of screens and achieving accurate registrations that stands her out. She is fast becoming a really excellent screen printer and taking her skills to other departments is making her a really valuable asset to the team at Paul Bristow's.

  • Angelika standing in our screen printing department

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