Cosmetic Purse Accessories February 1, 2022

Time To Shine, Cosmetic purse for Moulin Rouge

Time To Shine

Moulin Rouge, screen printed cosmetic purse.


We’ve made some really lovely bespoke textile products for the retail team at Moulin Rouge, but this one shines above them all!  The bright red and solid print coverage shows off screen printing at its finest and combined with the bright red lining, makes for a truly stunning little purse.


This shape of cosmetic purse is a real pleaser and often a best seller amongst the visitor attraction retailers we work with.  Well worth trying out for your brand!



Part of a collection of tote bags and purses, this is a 100% cotton lined cosmetic purse, made exclusively for Moulin Rouge in Paris.

  • Design

    Time To Shine

  • Client

    Moulin Rouge Paris, Universal Music

  • Product

    100% Cotton screen printed cosmetic purse


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