Printed Tea Towels – Tate Enterprises

Sophie Tauber Overlapping Circles

Tate Enterprises, digitally printed tea towel


Here we have a beautiful example of art works being used to make stunning printed textiles and in the case printed tea towels.  Because if the high definition print results we achieve on this 100% cotton half Panama tea towel, the end result looks like a work of art in its own right.  Nothing can ever match owning a painting or seeing a master piece in real life, but our printed tea towels are still exquisite.


Digitally printed, organic 100% cotton, half Panama, tea towel. Printed and made in the UK. (TT02-ORG)

  • Design

    Sophie Tauber Overlapping Circles

  • Client

    Tate Enterprises

  • Product

    Digitally Printed Half Panama Tea Towel


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