Sewing Design for Sewed Fabric Products

Creating bespoke product ranges requires a variety of skills and expertise – at Paul Bristow, we have it all in-house, from design assistance to product production.

Our in-house sewing services mean that your next line of bespoke, custom made textile products are at the tips of your fingers, well, our fingers. It affords you, as the designer, are given complete freedom when it comes to your product design. It means you get variety within your product ranges, but perhaps most importantly, it gives you control.

To us ‘bespoke sewing’ means exactly that, giving you the options to change how a product is sewn, we will advise on the technique and give our industry knowledge but we are always happy to accommodate anything you need.

It is important to remember that we’re right on your doorstep. As a UK based company, both our warehouses and our factories are based at home, not overseas. And you might not think that this is of great consequence, but try telling that the retailers that import textile products from around Europe or China.

As we’re here in the UK, you won’t have to wait months and months for your products. There won’t be any hidden customs charges, or faffing around with the right importation paperwork, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, there’s none of that with us! Just give us your (or your customers) address and we’ll take care of the rest! There’ll be no surprise shipping fees, whether you want 10 products, or 10,000, we’re open and honest throughout!

That is what made in the UK should mean. It’s all about speed and service because if we’re being brutally honest, the quality of textiles within the industry is pretty high across the board. Although do remember that we’re the best at what we do!

If your international shipments arrive slightly defective or incorrect, with wrong stitching, sizes or colours, and at that point, you are in a bit of a pickle! Being located in the UK as we are, in the highly unlikely event that there is an issue with your order, we’re only round the corner! So resolving the issue is simple! Either courier your order back to us or bring it in and pop in for a chat, maybe even a cup of tea.

Our sewing and cutting department is made up of a mix of some of the finest hands in the industry, with years of experience, combined with state of the art digital cutting equipment. No matter what shape or size you want your product, our tight-knit are on hand to accommodate your needs! We even offer a pattern creation service, just as your dedicated account manager for more information.

The relationships we have forged in the industry may have started with our skills at printing, colour matching and product development, but they have lasted thanks to the fantastic quality of work that our sewing and cutting department complete each and every day.

Our team of account managers can’t thread a needle, but they don’t need to! Our sewing and cutting department work closely with all other departments when we’re creating your bespoke textile products, we all have an input and importantly, we’re a team, a family. Whether you need our sewing services or one of our other industry-leading service offerings, you’ll get the same level of expert advice feeding into your project to ensure it will be a success.

From bespoke t-shirts, totes bags or our range of home and kitchenware, our sewing services coupled with our dedicated team of experts will take your concept from an idea to the shop floor (whether it’s a virtual store or not), all from right here in the UK. There’s no faffing around shipping your products from China or somewhere distant corner of Europe when you partner with us! Just good old fashioned, quality British service.

The team

Meet the team.

  • Nicola
    Sewing Supervisor

    Nicola heads leads the management, organisation and work flow of our sewing department, often leading from the front on a machine. She is a highly skilled production machines and versatile with an excellent knowledge of all the different printed textile we make. Like Ruth, she is part of the original team of four machinists that set about developing the full range of merchandise we know offer. Her pride in everyones work is clear to see and we are proud to have her at the wheel.

  • Nicola our fantastic sewing department supervisor
  • Ruth
    Deputy Sewing Supervisor and Sample Machinists

    Ruth is a star amongst our team of experienced and talented sewing machinists. She handles the vast majority of new product development and customer samples, always with a calm and consider approach. Applying all her sewing skills into a new bag or accessory idea for a client, no matter how challenging it may be. A senior and important member of the team in the sewing department and it's clear to understand why once you've watched her work!

  • Ruth our skilled sample machinist
  • Agnieszka
    Sewing Operative

    Agnieszka works on a lot of the bags that we produce for clients. In the couple of years she has worked with us her chatty and friendly personality has made her a popular member of the team her. But it is also her willingness to help out other departments that has learnt her the respect of all. She can often be found helping the screen print team or in packing when the pressure is on. A pleasure to have as a member of the team!


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