Visitor Attraction Giftware for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Angela Harding, Hare

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, printed cotton apron


A beautiful design by a wonderful designer, this is a wonderful printed cotton apron, which makes for amazing visitor attraction giftware! If you are ever in need of fresh ideas or beautiful attraction giftware, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park shop is a great place to look and you’ll find a few brilliant textiles.


If you find yourself needing to stock up on a few items of attraction or visitor giftware, our range of home and kitchen textile products are a great place to get some inspiration! Give us a call to find out more, what have you got to lose!?


!00% cotton apron, printed digitally with dyed cotton straps. Printed and made visitor attraction giftware all from the UK.

  • Design

    Angela Harding, Hare - Apron

  • Client

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  • Product

    Printed Apron


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