T-Shirt Printing Using Metallic ink combined with water-based discharge inks!

Metallic ink printing onto t-shirts

Tate Gallery & Warner Bro’s, water-based discharge screen printing combined with metallic inks.


Our innovation section is all about showing off what we can do and to get you inspired! These screen printed t-shirts are technically very difficult because they use water-based discharge inks combined with 1 or 2 different metallic inks. The Harry Potter House t-shirts shown use 13 screens including the two metallic inks and take all our teams skill to pull off, but the end result is impressive. To achieve these results we have to fight the fact the metallic need flash curing, that heats up the jigs, meaning the water-based inks warm up (not good). This battle or dance as our team like to say, is won only through skill and knowledge and these prints are defiantly not for the light hearted!

The Tate Gallery t-shirt is slightly less complicated because the pink discharge screen is print on head one and then flashed allowing for plenty of space between this print and the metallic going down on the last head on the press, but the effect is no less impressive!

If you have a project that requires metalic ink for a t-shirt, hoodie or even bags and tea towels, get in touch!


Our metallic inks can be tinted to form different shades. They are best printed through corse meshes allowing for the metalic particles to pass through and create the best results.

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    Various metallic printed t-shirts

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    Metallic screen printed t-shirts.


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