Totes August 26, 2021

The Cartoon Museum

Ralph Steadman Monster with pens

The Cartoon Museum, digitally printed book bag.


When we were approached by the buyer at The Cartoon Museum, they were looking to get a range of digitally printed bags produced in a very quick time frame, we couldn’t say no!  The image was brilliant and we knew it would translate through digital printing really well.  The team at the museum are delighted with the result as are we!


A quote from the Buyer at the museum “These bags feature never-before-seen artwork by the esteemed Ralph Steadman! It felt absolutely right to ensure that I was using a company I could trust to do the artwork justice. I knew that these would be a small run, and so are essentially a limited edition item – quite a special product and the quality had to reflect that.”


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For these digitally printed bags, we used 100% cotton 1/2 Panama, digitally printed book bag. The lead time was under 5 working days for this project, and the book bags turned out great!

  • Design

    Ralph Steadman Monster with pens

  • Client

    The Cartoon Museum

  • Product

    Book Bag (BB01)


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