We offer a range of sustainable and bespoke packaging for products

Bespoke packaging matters – here at Paul Bristow we know how to help products move off the shelves by having the right packaging!

When it comes to bespoke packaging for t-shirts or your other products, we can help with the design, production, and application to help provide a finished offering to your customer.


Packaging is always evolving, and we do our best to stay up to date with the newest offerings. Over the last 10 years, there has been a real shift towards packaging reduction to increase sustainability and we as a company will work with you to make sure we are all doing our bit for the planet.  We see a broad cross-section of customer behaviour in textiles and retail packaging, so are well-positioned to provide good advice and options to you.


Sustainability is central to this advice at present and providing options that reduce or eliminate single-use packaging in our products is a target we are working towards.  We now offer box linings for t-shirts instead of individual bagging or multiples of 10’s in a bag.  This reduces the usage of plastic considerably.  For eCommerce and direct to consumer sales we can offer paper options and biodegradable bags.  But it is very important that we act with integrity when it comes to being sustainable, for example, smearing a t-shirt in plastisol ink and then dropping it into a biodegradable bag doesn’t really make any sense!  That’s why we offer water-based ink options for apparel and encourage clients not to individually bag products.


We also offer a range of recycled cardboard swing tags and woven labels.  Our in-house design team will create textile packaging options for you to choose from or at your instruction. Our bespoke packaging for t-shirts and other products can take 10 working days to produce so our advice is to make sure this is something you plan from the beginning not after the product is made.

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The team

Meet the team.

  • Tara
    Packing Supervisor

    Tara is a force of nature, with quick hands and a brilliant energy, that she plows into her work here. She's always prepared to speak her mind and has built up some really strong working relationships with everyone here. Hard working, takes responsibility and has pride in her departments achievements. It is fair to say our packing department is in safe hands with Tara and although she's not been here that long, its difficult to imagine Paul Bristow's without her!

  • Tara in our packing department, sorry her packing dpeartment
  • Carole
    Sewing Machinists & Packing Operative

    Having spent a long time working for Pam, who was an amazing supervisor for a partner company, we knew of Carol's diligent approach to work and high expectations of her own and others work. So when the opportunity came to offer her a role with us, we were delighted she accepted. Now a key member of a packing team and also a demon at relabelling. Defiantly a well respected and liked member of the team here and quick to spar with Lee, that always raises a smile.

  • Carol working in packing
  • Courtney
    Packing & POD Dispatch Operative

    Courtney has been working her for several years and has probably had a stint in most departments at one time or another. But she can normally be found taking a lead on a packing job, and with out doubt a fast folder of printed t-shirts and hoodies. A special award should also be given to Courtney for working so closely with her mum! As Ben and Seb will confirm, its not always easy 😏. No doubt Tara will have their own ideas on that point 😂.

  • Courtney is a keen member of our bespoke packing team in Wrexham

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